Vehicle GPS Tracking

With Global I Track, GCEC have a complete vehicle tracking solution for individual or fleet needs. Using a bespoke app interface, you can accurately monitor your vehicle fleet 24/7, getting the live tracking and historic usage data that you need for effective oversight and security.

Mobile DVR Solution

Global EYE Track provides the complete video monitoring solution for fleet management and live tracking. Use a single, simple interface with real time streaming if required, improving driver accountability and enabling additional security oversight of each vehicle.

Achieve Greater ROI

You can greatly enhance your business efficiency with our real-time location service solutions, getting live data on driver behavior, temperature monitoring, engine data and much more!

Track Any Vehicle

You can monitor and track any fleet, whether its buses, heavy trucks or cars. Our GPS fleet tracking system is highly customizable to suit all your business requirements.

GPS tracking solutions for vehicles and fleets of any size

Mobile applications and cloud solutions that go beyond GPS vehicle tracking. In addition to the location of vehicles on the map, advanced use functions allow you to control, monitor and manage all types of fleets.

Discover the power of telematics

Transform your vehicles into an intelligent fleet through useful data and IOT sensors, optimize your logistics processes, reduce costs and become competitive.


Camera System and Smart Mobile DVR for vehicles

Incorporate high definition cameras to the vehicle to provide the highest level of mobile security. With this professional system you can also incorporate GPS, transmit live the images that the cameras are capturing, review what the DVR has stored, automatically download all the recordings when entering a predetermined zone, and much more.

We offer the possibility of connecting your DVR with external devices that you want to implement sensors and GPS tracking, taking the security and management of your fleet to a new level of efficiency.

Digital Evidence Management Platform

GCEC has become the quintessential Digital Evidence Management platform of the world’s leading Security Agencies. Developed to modernize and streamline the access, administration, exchange and use of evidence, we allow you to securely manage all your data within your agency. If you need to share it with Third Parties (Other security agency, media, Prosecutor’s Office and others), we allow you to do it with just a couple of clicks and with maximum digital security.

Do you want to Modernize your Agency? This is the platform that is already helping you to spend days searching, managing and using evidence, just a few minutes away.

Car Sharing Solution

We provide a completely customizable Android and iOS app with bespoke branding for your business. Our car sharing solution allows complete management of the car sharing experience. From booking and unlocking to damage basement, every aspect of your car sharing service can be delivered through your own branded app.

Our service is currently suspended due to Covid-19 emergency as we respect the decisions of authorities. We are committed to offer complete support to our clients – if you need any information about our service, we would love to help you. Please feel free to reach out.

Workforce Management System

Monitor your work force in real time, assess your team and evaluate processes through historical data to improve efficiency, identify problem performance or processes, and develop solutions based on real-world performance. Deliver data electronically for efficiency and manage your team effectively.

Our service provides a whole new way to interact with and manage the workforce. Our solution seamlessly integrates with any existing cloud or locally operated workforce management software. The solution offers:

  • Schedule self-management anytime, anywhere (even while in transit), ensuring activities such as offering or changing shifts, setting preferences, notification of absences and receipt of immediate confirmations
  • Accurate real-time scheduling and forecasting, providing intraday optimization based on analytical and real-time solutions
  • Real-time analysis of staff shortages or oversupply
  • Caters understaffing or over-staffing, as well as other scheduling conflicts
  • Dynamic mobility scheduling
  • An innovative solution that can be easily integrated into any workforce management system.