Why Is Kik Slow [Issues And Ways To Fix]

Why is kik slow

Kik is a messaging app that many users worldwide use to connect to new friends. However, if you use Kik often, you may have encountered some issues, where Kik is slow it is not working correctly. While using an app, such an issue can be quite frustrating, so I have written an article on why … Read more

How To Scan TikTok QR Codes? [Updated New Version 2022 Guide]

How to scan tiktok QR codes

Are you a creator on TikTok? If yes, you may have heard or seen the TikTok QR codes that can be used to connect to a user’s account. You may have thought this can help you grow your TikTok account following. All of the TikTok accounts can generate a QR code which can be used … Read more

How To Remove Live Stream On Kik?

How to remove live streams on Kik

Kik is a chatting social media platform that was introduced in 2010. The Kik application has other features alongside chatting which is the Go Live feature that Kik introduced recently on their new update. However, there are a lot of users who complain of the content on the live streams. If you are such a … Read more

How To Share Playlists On Spotify Duo?

How to share playlists on spotify duo

Spotify provides digital copyright-protected recorded music and podcasts, with over 70 million songs available. Users can choose between two versions of Spotify: free and premium. Users who use the service for free will only have access to basic features, while those who pay for a subscription will have access to additional features such as offline … Read more

How To Download Podcast From SoundCloud

How to download a podcast from Soundcloud

SoundCloud is one of the most beneficial platforms for new and upcoming artists. Artists can get paid based on the fans and how they stream, like, and play their music on the app. The app itself is made for more of a storage and syndicate facility, but downloads are also possible from it. So, if … Read more

How To Clear Kik Cache [Updated 2022]

How to clear Kik cache

Kik messenger is a famous new application that users access to meet and chat with new users on the application from all around the world. If you use Kik for a while, the data and information from your usage will be stored as a cache. The cache is any duplicated data that helps with functions … Read more

How To Remove Phone Number From Discord

how to remove phone number from discord

If you are using Discord then you must have already created an account in Discord. When making your account, there are different things the signing in process requires. Users are also asked to give their phone numbers when signing in. This phone number is necessary when there is any unusual activity in your Discord account … Read more

How To Delete Stories On TikTok [2022]

How to delete stories on Tiktok

TikTok has come a little late to the stories party, but it has definitely arrived with a bang. In their desire to make the TikTok experience even better, the TikTok app has introduced the feature to keep and remove stories option. These TikTok stories are a fun way to introduce short-form content like on Instagram, … Read more

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