How To Get ‘What Disney Character Are You’ Filter On TikTok? [2022]

How to get 'what disney character are you' filter on tiktok

Have you ever used a filter on TikTok? If yes, you must have some background knowledge about the use of filters on TikTok. For example, among various filters, there is a filter called ‘What Disney Character Are You? With this feature, you can check different Disney characters on your face while making a video. But … Read more

How To Repost Instagram Reels Videos On TikTok?

How To Repost Instagram Reels Videos On TikTok

Do you use Instagram as well as TikTok to create content? If so, Instagram reels are the fast and easy way to create content. Instagram had recently introduced this feature on its platform as people share videos rather than photos. It makes Instagram users spend more time making videos. But if you want to share … Read more

How To Pin Emojis On TikTok Videos?

how to pin emojis on tiktok videos

Tik Tok has integrated the pin emojis and stickers feature in their app, similar to Instagram. Instagram had introduced the feature way ago, but TikTok has recently added it. And people are very much like the feature because it makes your video more lively and interactive. On Instagram, you can add polls, background music, quiz … Read more

How To Stitch TikTok Video? [Full Guide On The Stitch Feature On Tiktok]

how to stitch tiktok video

By stitching a TikTok video, you can collaborate with someone on TikTok. If you have allowed stitching with your TikTok video, anyone can respond, remix or re-share your videos. TikTok is a platform designed to let users build content on other videos posted on TikTok. When you scroll through the videos on TikTok, you come … Read more

How To Disable Duet Option On TikTok?

how to disable duet option on tiktok

With the duet option on TikTok, you can post your video side-by-side with another video. So, the user can show their creativity by creating content side-by-side to another video. But you need to have a public account to allow others to duet with your content. However, you can choose who can duet with your videos … Read more

4 Steps To Save Instagram Story With Music in Gallery [2022] [Updated]

Save Instagram Story With Music in Gallery

Instagram lets you share any special moment in a story with music. When you post something on your Instagram story then it will disappear after 24hrs. So, if you add your Instagram story in highlights or by archives, you can save them for a while. But, if not, then you can’t view or access your … Read more