How To Block Comments From Specific Users On Instagram?

How to Block Comments From Specific Users On Instagram?

Are you sick and tired of all the unnecessary comments from a specific user on Instagram? If so, then it is better to block their comments on Instagram. Read the below article to block comments from specific users on Instagram. Answer: To block the comments from specific users on Instagram, launch the Instagram app>tap on your profile icon>tap on the three horizontal lines> select the … Read more

How To Post IGTV On Instagram?

How to post igtv on instagram

How to post IGTV on Instagram? Do you want to post a video longer than the limit on Instagram? So, you are wondering whether to post IGTV on Instagram. This article is the exact one for you. So, finally, you have entered the right place. This article gives you an ultimate guide to queries and answers to your confusion. Keep in touch till the very … Read more

How To Hide Offensive Comments On Instagram?

How To Hide Comments On Instagram?

Getting tired of unnecessary Instagram comments? The Instagram comment section can be a dose of fun sometimes, but at times, you might want to get rid of some rude comments on your post. If you are looking for a way to hide comments on Instagram posts, you are at the right place. Answer: Here is how you can hide comments on Instagram: 1. Go to … Read more

How Do You Repost Your Instagram Reel On Your Profile?

How Do You Repost Your Instagram Reels On Your Profile?

The Instagram reel is a new feature on Instagram that offers a platform for the user to post their 15-90 second long videos to the public or followers. You can easily create an Instagram reel, but resharing is hectic. So how do you repost your Instagram reel on your profile? If you are having a problem with it, you are at the right article, which … Read more

10 Ways To Fix “Could Not Load Image Tap To Retry” On Instagram

10 Solutions To Fix Could Not Load Image Tap To Retry On Instagram

Instagram is about sharing images and videos and chatting with your friends and strangers. You can share your favorite moments that have been in your device’s gallery for a long time. But once in a while, have you ever received an error message “Could not load an image, tap to retry” on Instagram? It is common to have issues with Instagram pictures and videos, but … Read more

How To Unfollow Inactive Users On Instagram?

How to Check and Unfollow Instagram Inactive Users

At times even having huge Instagram followers, we dont get the correct amount of engagements on our Instagram posts and story. Do you know why? It is because users who have followed you are not active and are now using the Instagram account. So, how do unfollow inactive users on Instagram? Answer: To unfollow inactive users on Instagram, Method 1: Through Instagram Open the Instagram … Read more

What Is The Photo Dump Trend On Instagram?

What is the Photo Trend On Instagram?

Instagram is one of the social media platforms that allows users to express themselves by sharing photos and short videos. Unlike other apps, Instagram is popular for its ability to put on things in pixelated form rather than textual. As a result, many trends come and go on Instagram; likewise, the “Photo Dump” trend has come forward. Let’s learn about it. Answer: A photo dump … Read more

How To Change Username On Instagram [Updated 2022]

How To Change Username On Instagram

Instagram is a trendy and widely used social media platform today. Even in the beginning, Instagram was introduced as a photo-sharing app now. You can find many new and exciting features to do multiple tasks within the application. Answer: You can change your Username on Instagram by going through the following procedure: 1. Firstly, open your Instagram application. 2. Next, tap on your profile/ Bitmoji. … Read more

How To Turn Off A Business Account On Instagram?

How To Turn Off A Business Account On Instagram?

How to turn off a business account on Instagram? Are you a business account owner on Instagram? Wondering about turning off business accounts and switching to personal accounts? You do not know how to turn it off. This article is for you. You have entered the right website. Over here, we will discuss some important terms and solutions to your queries. You have to keep … Read more

How To Extract Audio From Instagram Reels?

How To Extract Audio From Instagram Reels?

How to extract audio from Instagram reels? Looking forward to extracting audio from your Instagram reels? Do you not know if the audio can be extracted from Instagram reels or not? You are here at the right article. This article contains all of the basic and deep information related to this topic. If you are searching for an ultimate answer to the following topic, you … Read more