How To Get Big Head TikTok Filter?

How to get a big head tiktok filter

Social media platforms, in addition to being a way to keep connected, create a space where we can share the fun aspects of our life with our dear ones. They always keep us entertained with their wide range of weird yet spectacular trends. TikTok being the ever-growing social media platform, most of the fun trends … Read more

Instagram Reels VS TikTok [The Better Choice] 2022

Instagram reels VS Tiktok

The Short-video content market is hot with several entrants competing with TikTok. The introduction of Youtube Shorts has been covered in this article with the differences to TikTok. Another player i.e. Instagram Reels also entered this market in the year 2020. So how does Instagram Reels VS TikTok seen by users? The difference between Instagram … Read more

4 Steps To Save Instagram Story With Music in Gallery [2022] [Updated]

Save Instagram Story With Music in Gallery

Instagram lets you share any special moment in a story with music. When you post something on your Instagram story then it will disappear after 24hrs. So, if you add your Instagram story in highlights or by archives, you can save them for a while. But, if not, then you can’t view or access your … Read more

How To Find Someone’s Instagram From Tiktok

how to find someone's Instagram from Tiktok

Tiktok has become a central platform for creating short-form videos on the internet. The increasing number of users on this platform and the increasing number of video content uploaded per day are at an all-time high. Tiktok also has made it easier to share your content on other social media platforms. You can create a … Read more

How To React On Instagram Stories Without Sending A Direct Message [DM]

How to react on Instagram stories without sending a direct message

Many people who use Instagram for a long time or even if a shorter period of time might have faced the problem of being in dilemma. The dilemma is whether to react to the story of your friends or not as the reaction will go on the inbox of Instagram. So, if you have the … Read more

How To Create An Avatar On Instagram [New Update!] 2022

How to create an avatar on Instagram

Are you curious how your friend got that avatar of themselves on Instagram? If you want to make a cute avatar of yourself on Instagram like everyone else and get on the avatar bandwagon then you are in the right place. We tried making our own avatars and came up with some swanky-looking cool version … Read more

What Is TikTok Amplify Program [Full Guide]

What Is Tiktok amplify program

If you have been using TikTok for a long period, you might have known about a feature called the TikTok Amplify program. Unfortunately, this feature has caused people to have polarizing views on it. Simply speaking, the TikTok Amplify program is a program that lets TikTok or TikTok affiliated brands amplify the already existing content … Read more

How To Use Someone’s Effect On Instagram

How to use someones effect on Instagram

Instagram is a widely sued application that is known for its great interactive features to make creative content. To make the experience on Instagram even more fun and engaging for the users on it, Instagram has introduced fun features including various effects. When you are recording a video, taking a photo on Instagram from your … Read more

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