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How To Delete A TikTok Video From Your Account

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TikTok is a social media platform that allows its user to create and upload creative video content. It was launched as in April 2014 by a Chinese social media service. is an app where users can create and short lip-sync videos only. Even if you upload a Tikto video, you have options to delete it. Here, we look into how to delete a Tiktok video from your account.

Later, TikTok was launched after merging with Users can then create and upload their videos, where they can lip-sync, sing, dance, perform or just talk in TikTok. But sometimes, due to various reasons, users need to delete some videos from their accounts and it can be done following some steps.

What Are The Reasons To Delete a TikTok Video From Your Account?

There may be various other personal reasons to delete a TikTok video from an account but these are the fundamental reasons why people delete a TikTok video from their account.

Poor Video Performance

Removing a piece of video matters as every like of a video counts in your account on TikTok as a metric. Sometimes people end up removing a video from their TikTok account because they have put an effort into it while making it and it does not perform well or meet up to their expectations.

Often some video goes through an entirely new cycle of exposure in some days, weeks, or even a couple of months later which people call delayed video explosion. For example, initially, you post a video on TikTok but it has no views and interactions for a few days, a week, or a month. Privacy Reasons or Embarrassment

Some TikTok accounts can get thousands of views and likes in just one day as the older videos might take off suddenly. The statistics of your TikTok account read sometimes change overnight so you do not have to worry or feel embarrassed. TikTok is not like Instagram where you have to meet the standard of perfection with every single video.

TikTok is all about momentum with a new idea. So, you don’t need to feel embarrassed if one particular video does not compare to the rest of your content. This is the issue that every single person on TikTok is dealing with, that is the inconsistency of views. In this case, you can rather make the video private and allow it to be watched by your friends, relatives, or a selective group of people without deleting it.

Upload Error

While uploading a video on a TikTok account people sometimes make a mistake of wrong audio or a few clips of the video are cut off. This is called upload error and for these mistakes, you can private the initial video and repost the original file with the corrections. So just be aware of where the error happened in that video you ended up making it private so that you can avoid that in future content.

Broken Guideline

Due to community guideline violations, it may lead to removing content, or your video is forcibly removed by the TikTok platform. After uploading content on TikTok this is the only situation where your content has to be removed for some justified and unjustified reasons. And TikTok sees this as a black mark on your account.

The only scenario in which deleting content is permissible is when such videos are banned on TikTok. These community guidelines are sometimes frustrating for TikTok users as they can happen for a variety of reasons like copyrighted audio, vulgarity, dangerous activity, and so on. If your content is taken down for a reason the best thing is to avoid that subject matter in the future.

What Are The Steps To Delete A TikTok Video From Your Account?

TikTok is one of the fun apps that you enjoy spending a lot of time making videos on. But after a few weeks or months when you have a lot of content on your TikTok account you might need to update with good content. So, you might want to delete some of your videos after some time. You can do the following steps to delete TikTok videos from your account.

Step 1: Launch Your TikTok App

Launch your TikTok app from the app menu

Step 2: Go To Your ‘Profile’

Tap on the ‘Profile’ icon on the bottom right corner of your app. You can see the list of your TikTok videos that you have created.

Step 3: Tap On The Video

Tap on the video from the list that you want to delete from your TikTok account. Now your video will play in full-screen mode.

Step 4: Tap On The ‘Three-Dot’ Icon

On the right-hand side of the screen, you will see the three-dot icon on the row, tap on that icon.

Step 5: Delete The TikTok video

Now there is a list of icons where you can find the ‘Delete’ icon at the right-hand side of the last row. Tap on the ‘Delete’ icon.

Step 6: Confirm The Delete Option

Confirm by tapping the ‘Delete’ option again.

When Should You Delete A TikTok Video From Your Account?

Deleting TikTok videos from your account could potentially get you to shadow banned on TikTok. So, they might warn you from frequently deleting content and provide you with the alternatives to deleting content that you might consider. And here is some information on when you should be deleting the TikTok video from your account and how you could do that without losing your followers.

When TikTok Video Breaks Community Guideline Violations?

When your TikTok video breaks the community guideline violations it is probably best to delete the content. If your video violates the TikTok community guidelines, the TikTok algorithm itself removes the content if you do not delete it. There are chances of your account being deleted too, for which you can see how to retrieve a deleted Tiktok account. Moreover, these are TikTok’s official Community Guidelines as of December 2020:

Profane Language

If you use swear words or profane language in your video or used a song in your video that had explicit content (sexual or profane language), then you should most definitely delete your video before the TikTok algorithm removes it.

Aforementioned Products

If you mentioned or showed any tobacco products (including vapes and e-cigarettes), drugs (including marijuana and marijuana-based products), or alcoholic drinks (and other alcoholic products), or use song(s) in your video referencing any of the aforementioned products you should be looking to delete your video.


If you feel your video targets or discriminates against an individual based on race, ethnicity, national origin, religion (and sect), caste, sexual orientation, sex, gender, gender identity, serious disease, disability, immigration status, and age, you should delete your video before your account gets banned.

Copyright Violations

Copyright violations are also a good cause for deleting content. If you used your version of a song in your video and did not load it from the TikTok music library, you violate TikTok’s copyrights and you should delete your video.

Confidential Information

If your video shares confidential information about another individual, party, social group, or organization, you could get your account temporarily or permanently banned. Therefore, the best idea would be to delete such a video.

Self Harm Or Suicide

Referencing or directly or indirectly promoting self-harm and/or suicide in your content is a common cause for permanent account bans. Therefore, delete any such content that you feel may prompt or trigger others to harm themselves.

Terrorist Activities

Delete videos that support or reference any terrorist organization, even as a joke, and do not post any content that is malicious and based on terrorist activities.

Animal Abuse

Delete any videos that show, reference, or promote any form of animal abuse and cruelty as this could result in an immediate permanent ban on your account.

Animal Violence

You should also be deleting any videos that show, reference, or promote any kind of violence, including animal abuse and cruelty, and/or depict human or animal remains, as such videos will get your account permanently banned for sure!

Banned Words in TikTok Video

TikTok Community Guidelines do not cover certain words and phrases that are banned on TikTok. Also, several words are banned on TikTok and you should not use them in your videos. These are the examples of some of the banned words on TikTok:

  1. “pissed”
  2. “gun” (in a violent context)
  3. “dead” (in a violent context)
  4. “Cigarette(s)”
  5. Naming genitals

If you have violated the TikTok community guidelines or used banned words and if your content is not deleted or your account is not blocked by the TikTok algorithm, it is still recommended to delete your TikTok video from your account. This is because it would leave a negative impact on your account which may lead to suppression of likes, comments, and views getting you shadow banned.

Impacts Of Deleting TikTok Videos From Your Account

Deleting content occasionally should have very little impact on your account but deleting content at scale is when it becomes harmful. So, if your TikTok videos do not violate the community guidelines nor have you used the banned words, it is better to learn some information regarding the impacts of deleting TikTok videos from your account.

This information may lead to better insight and help to make a wise decision before deleting content from TikTok. So, here are some impacts of deleting TikTok videos from your account.

Loss Of Information And Poor Account Health

Deleting a TikTok video from your account is not a good thing for TikTok as it loses the content in its application. Also, it has to continuously update the ‘For You Page’ for specific users with new content. This not only affects TikTok itself but harms the user’s overall account health.

It is because deleting a video from a TikTok account removes all the metrics associated with that video. Each of your TikTok videos classifies your account so removal of any of your videos from your TikTok account makes it harder for the algorithm to accurately classify your account. This means it would be harder to push your content onto ‘For You Page’ or show it to relevant viewers and resulting in decreasing views, likes, and comments.

Fewer Chances Of Delayed Video Explosion

Deleting content from your TikTok account slows down your growth on TikTok due to delayed video explosion. This means your TikTok videos might go viral after a few days, weeks, or even months after posting though it had performed low in the initial phase.

This happens because the TikTok algorithm rotates back your videos on the ‘For You Page’ randomly. So, in this case, you might just get lucky even if your TikTok videos do not perform well initially. You should not worry instantly if your TikTok videos do not get enough likes, views, and comments as soon as you post them.

How to Make TikTok Video Private?

Instead of deleting a TikTok video from your account, you can make it private. Once you make your video private only you will be able to see it. But if you choose to set it to your ‘Friends’ you and those that follow you and you follow them in return can see it. The following are the steps to make TikTok videos private.

Step 1: Launch TikTok App

Launch a TikTok app on your device.

Step 2: Go To Your Profile

Go to your ‘Profile’ on the bottom right corner of your app.

Step 3: Tap On The Video

Tap on the video that you want to make private.

Step 4: Tap The Three Dots Icon

Click on the ‘three horizontal dots’ icon on the top right side.

Step 5: Tap On The ‘Privacy Settings’

Select the ‘Privacy settings’ option on the bottom row.

Step 6: Set To Private

Tap on the ‘Who can watch this video’ and set it to ‘Private’ from ‘Public’. Confirm the message.

You can also set it to ‘Friends’ so that they can see.

Step 7: Check Profile

Now go back to your ‘Profile’ and the video is gone. You can change this setting to ‘Public’ anytime again.

Frequently Asked Questions

There may be some queries regarding deleting TikTok videos from your account so, here are some frequently asked questions explained below.

What is Shadow Banning?

Shadow banning is the process of blocking or partially blocking a user or their content from an online community without letting them know that they have been blocked. Shadow-banned users can still post content and engage with other people but they will not be visible to those who have shadow-banned them.

Can You Delete All Your TikTok Videos At Once?

Many people are confused about whether they can delete all of their TikTok videos at once. But the answer is no because you cannot delete all of your TikTok videos from your account at once. To do this you have to use a third-party tool.


Deleting a TikTok video from your account is an easy task if it is a single or few videos. But when it comes to bulk it becomes cumbersome to repeat the same task again and again. So, you have to find a third-party tool to do the job.

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