How To Hide Total Number Of Reactions On Facebook Posts

If you are a user of Facebook then you may know that there are reactions in your Facebook posts. Before we could only like Facebook posts but now you can also add various reactions to the posts. So, if you are one of the people who do not want others to see how many reactions you got to your posts, then you are in the right place. Not everyone wants all the people on their friend’s list to see the people who reacted to their Facebook posts and also how many reactions they got. So, you can follow the steps to hide total number of reactions on Facebook posts with the help of a few simple steps. You can also know what happens when you hide reaction counts in your Facebook posts.

You need to go to the settings and privacy option in your Facebook profile to turn off the number of reaction counts in your Facebook posts. A user can do this from both your Facebook profile on a PC and on your phone device as well. Either way, you can get to the reaction preferences option and then turn off the reaction count from there. You also need to get this setting done from your PC, as it is not accessible with the Facebook application that you use on your phone device.

So, let us get into the full step-by-step guide on how to hide total number of reactions on Facebook posts in the article below.

What Are Facebook Reactions

If you are a new Facebook user then you may not be sure what reactions are on Facebook. Don’t worry about it, we know exactly what they are and how they are useful for your profile.

Instagram privacy settings
Instagram privacy settings

In Facebook, if you go to the bottom left corner of the post then you will see the like button. Unlike before where you could only like the Facebook posts, you can now long-press on the like button and then react using the possible emojis that are in the option.

Any of the reactions you use to react to the post could mean anything depending on the kind of post that is there, or the kind of emoji you choose to react with.

Types Of Facebook Reactions

So, what are the different types of Facebook reactions that you can react with? There are seven basic reactions that are present for your options. You cannot change these reactions and can only choose among the given options. In includes the option to like,m love care, laugh, be surprised and angry reaction to your Facebook posts from the left to the right.

Can You Hide Reaction Count In Facebook

Yes, you can definitely hide the reaction count on Facebook. If you are a user who wants to hide the total number of reactions on Facebook posts then follow the simple steps we provide you with below. But overall, this is a feature that Facebook has for its users to have a better user experience.

How To Hide Total Number Of Reactions In Facebook

So, now that you know how to hide total number of reactions on Facebook posts, here are the steps on how you can get it done on either your PC or your phone devices.

Hide Reaction Count In PC

If you use Facebook on your PC, then you can follow the steps below. These steps are easier and more applicable when you set it up from your PC, so follow the given steps.

Step 1: Open Facebook IN Your PC

First, open the Facebook app on your PC. Once you open it, log in to your Facebook account using your login credentials.

Step 2: Go To The Downward Facing Arrow

Once you are on your Facebook home page, tap on the downward-facing arrow from the upper right corner of the home page.

Step 3: Go To Settings And Privacy

In the options that come up, tap on Settings and privacy. Once you choose that option, another pop-up will open up.

Step 4: Access Newsfeed Preferences

In the options that come up, choose on Newsfeed and preferences to access the settings for your newsfeed.

Step 5: Click On Reaction Preferences

There, you can choose the option that is at the bottom which is for Reactions Preferences for both your and others’ Facebook posts.

Step 6: Turn Toggle On

You can either hide the reactions to others’ posts or your posts as well. So, whichever way you are trying to hide total number of reactions on Facebook posts, go ahead and turn that toggle on. Once the toggle is turned on, the setting will be set in your profile.

What Happens When You Hide Reaction Count In Facebook

So, you do end up hiding the Facebook reaction count. But what exactly does happen when you do this? There are various places where you can hide a total number of reactions to Facebook posts and there are also regions where it does not apply. So, which one are these? We have listed it below.

So, when you turn on the setting to hide total number of reactions on Facebook posts, other users on Facebook can’t see the total number of reactions on any post that you create from your profile or News Feed. You can’t hide reaction counts on individual posts.

People will still see the total number of reactions on posts that you create from other places like groups, Marketplace, Events, Pages, and Stories.

If you are the owner of the post, then you can still see the reaction count to your posts in your profile.

How To See Who Reacted To Your Facebook Posts

So, now that other people cannot see your Facebook reaction counts, you may still be curious about the reaction count in your own posts. So, to check the reactions to your Facebook posts on your own device, then you can follow these steps.

Go to your Facebook post and then tap on it. You can then tap on the reactions in your post. There you will see both the count of the reactions in the post as well as a list of all the people who reacted to your post. You can get this done from both your phone and your PC as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

So, here are some frequently asked questions on how to hide total number of reactions on Facebook posts.

How To Hide Reaction On Facebook Story

You can set up the reactions preferences for your Facebook story posts from your settings and privacy. Once you set that up, users will only get to see your Facebook story posts and not be able to react or reply to them either.


To conclude the article, you can easily hide the total reaction count in your posts if you do not like them. Just follow the steps that are laid out above. However, keep in mind that you can only apply these steps from your PC. This feature is not in the settings for your phone.

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