Why Spotify Not loading Lyrics 2022 [Fix it]

Spotify is the biggest music and audio streaming service out there, with 406 million users and 180 million paying subscribers total monthly active users reported by the company at the end of 2021. So, it’s no surprise that Spotify might not load it’s features or glitch more frequently than others because of its huge base of users. If you’re having issues, here are some most common solutions to try.

Spotify not loading lyrics is caused because of a software glitch due to it’s large base of users. So, to repair Spotify lyrics not displaying, try to update the latest version of the app. You should try clearing the cache and data of the app or try reinstalling the app from google play store. You can also download the app – musixmatch to add lyrics to Spotify songs for free.

How To Access Spotify Song Lyrics?

After hearing about the Spotify lyrics feature, you might feel excited to get hands-on with it, right? Who doesn’t when you get both songs and their lyrics on the same platform. It’s a good thing because you don’t have to download the lyrics of songs each and every time whenever you hear a new one.

Now, let’s see how you can see lyrics on Spotify.

Open Spotify On Your Device

Step 1: Open Spotify App On Your Device.

Open the Spotify app on your device, whether Android or IOS.

Play A Track

Step 2: Play A Track.

Play a song or track which you want to listen to.

Scroll up to view the lyrics

Step 3: Scroll Up To View The Lyrics

On the song artist interface, just scroll up to view the lyrics of that particular song.

Expand the lyrics

Step 4: Expand The Lyrics

You can also expand the lyrics in order to access it on a full screen.

Now, view Spotify lyrics and sing your favorite song.

Why Is Spotify Not Loading Lyrics?

With 406 million users around the world Spotify has been one of the leading music streaming app with an extensive list of music created by talented artists. However, with so many features users have been complaining about the app does not show lyrics.

So, if Spotify is not showing lyrics then this is most likely caused by software glitch that usually occurs because of the huge base of users.

So as we can say, lyrics are only supported on limited tracks only. But we hope we will find it more in the future.

Fix Spotify Not Loading Lyrics

There are few things which you can do if Spotify is not showing lyrics anymore on IOS and Android.

Log into Spotify from another account

Log Into Spotify From Another Account

The first thing is to log in to Spotify on your device using someone’s account. Then, login with your original account and check the lyrics. This can show the Spotify lyrics.

Reinstall the Spotify app

Reinstall The Spotify App

If still Spotify lyrics are not showing or you can’t see lyrics on Spotify then re-install the Spotify app.

Update Spotify app

Update Spotify App

You can also update your Spotify app and restart your device before opening the app to reboot the system.

Clear The Cache On Spotify

Cache is where spotify saves its data so it can run fast and more efficiently in the future. Sometimes, the data in the cache will become corrupted and you’ll experience usage problems.

Fortunately, Spotify makes it simple to clear cache thus allowing the app to rebuild a new, uncorrupted set of data. Here is the following process to clear the cache.

Open Spotify

Step 1: Open Spotify

Open spotify on your device.

Go to settings

Step 2: Go To Settings

Tap on settings (Gear Icon) located at the upper right side.

Clear cache

Step 3:Clear Cache

Tap on clear cache.

Confirm Clear cache

Step 4: Confirm Clear Cache

An option will appear to clear cache so tap on clear cache.

Check Server Issues With Spotify

If you have been still experiencing problems playing music and podcasts on Spotify, it might be because of your internet connection. Check whether or not your device is connected to the internet by opening the ‘Settings’ menu and viewing your network connections. Do check your router because if you’re not connected to a cellular network the network may be congested. Moving somewhere else may help ease the issue in both of these cases.

Check Time And Date Settings

It seem strange, but Spotify’s servers may have trouble syncing with your device if the time and date are set wrong so do check the time and date settings on your device. This problem is more common on laptops and tablets that move between time zones without automatic time zone settings. Your device should sync to pick up date and time information from the towers to which it connects. This uncommon issue is one of the strangest reasons why Spotify is not working on many smart devices. If the setting is turned on, turn it off and back on.

Alternative To Access The Song Lyrics On Spotify

You can access the song lyrics on Spotify with the help of the app given below. We also have a step-by-step process on how you can easily use this app in your device.


With the help of MusixMatch, you can add lyrics to Spotify songs for free. This is the best way to access lyrics if you can’t find it on Spotify tracks. It will sync the music and display the real-time lyrics on display. Moreover, it also does support other music streaming like iTunes and Windows Media Player.

Now, let’s see the working process of MusixMatch to get free lyrics on Spotify.

Download MusixMatch: Android and IOS

Download Musixmatch

Step 1: Download the Musixmatch.

Open the playstore on your device and download musixmatch.

Sign In

Step 2: Sign In

Now, sign in with your login credentials.

Click to allow access

Step 3: Click TO Allow Access

Allow access to musixmatch to know which app you’re playing from.

Click to Musixmatch

Step 4: Click To Musixmatch

Now, click to musixmatch.

Enable notification access

Step 5: Enable Notification Access

Tap to enable notification access.

Allow notification access for Musixmatch

Step 6: Allow Notification Access For Musixmatch

Allow notification access for musixmatch to read all the notifications.

Connect your music

Step 7: Connect Your Music

Click on spotify option to connect your music.

Log in to Spotify

Step 8: Log In To Spotify

Log In to spotify with your email.

Click on Agree

Step 9: Click On Agree

Click on Agree to link Spotify and Musixmatch once the privacy policy pops up.

Play song on Spotify

Step 10: Play Song On Spotify

Play your desired song on spotify.

Musixmatch screen appears

Step 11: Musixmatch Screen Appears

Once you play the song, lyrics will appear on your screen from musixmatch.

Maximise the lyrics screen

Step 12: Maximize The Lyrics Screen.

You can also maximize the lyrics screen by clicking on the up down arrow which is located at the bottom.

Now this way, you can access the lyrics on Spotify with the help of the Musixmatch app. Besides, this feature is still not available in the USA, so the artist has to use their music on the Musixmatch platform. This way, it will also be available in other markets and locations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions are below on why Spotify not loading lyrics.

Why Can’t I See Lyrics on Spotify?

If you can’t see Spotify lyrics anymore then maybe it’s still not available in your country or region.

How to Change Spotify Username?

You can change your Spotify username by going to your Spotify settings. Then, tap on View Profile. After that, tap on Edit Profile and tap on your display name. Finally, type a new username and tap on Save to make changes.

How To Cancel Spotify?

You can cancel your premium plan on Spotify anytime you want. For that, simply login to your Spotify account then under Your Plan section, tap on Change Plan. Finally, locate Spotify free and cancel your Spotify account.

Final Word

Lastly, Spotify is a great app to listen to all types of music each and every day. So, if your Spotify is not showing lyrics on all songs, then don’t worry; it will be there in the future. Till then, use our other listed alternatives app to access the lyrics of Spotify songs.

If you have any queries, then leave comments down below.

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