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Why Is Kik Live Stream Not Working [Fix Issue]

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Kik live streams are one of the most attractive features on the Kik messenger application. This feature was recently updated by Kik messenger and quickly gained a lot of attention by Kik users. However, there are issues that users say when Kik live streams do not work well or do not load. So, this article is dedicated to learning why is Kik live stream not working and the ways in which you can fix this issue.

Kik live streams are free and accessible from your Kik account itself. If Kik live streams are not working then it can be due to multiple reasons that could be in-app problems or due to external reasons. Read further to understand why Kik live stream is not working and how to fix this issue.

What Is Kik Live And How It Works

Kik live is a feature that has a dedicated live page for it on the Kik app. When you go live on Kik, you get to meet new people as anyone who goes on the live page can watch your live stream.

You can also request to join in on other people’s live streams and other’s can also join in on your live. The live session has fun features such as filters and other engaging features.

You can also gain a lot of popularity when you go live on Kik. There is a leaderboard feature where a user can get to if they get a lot of viewers in their lives. You can also earn gifts, hearts and rewards on your live streams.

Why Kik Live Stream Is Not Working

There are issues that users address where Kik live streams sometimes don’t run at all. And at times, a live stream does not work properly when it’s already streaming. Here are some reasons why your Kik live stream is not working.

Weak Internet Connection

When going live on Kik, a good internet connection is one of the most important things to start with. If you have a poor internet connection then you will not be able to access the live feature on Kik.

Users will not get notified of your live streams as well. When you try to connect to a live stream, the screen will not load properly.

Even while going live on Kik, a poor internet connection will hamper the live content and not make it engaging. This creates a problem for you and the viewers of your live stream.

Kik Cache

Whenever you use an application, the cache in the application duplicates the data of the webpages you access through it. This way, any time you try to load the application again it does so faster and easier. This is why cache can be helpful however, the more you use an application, the more cache gets stored. Moreover, cache can in the long run hamper the usage of your application by making it slower. Live streams can also be affected by this Kik cache.

User Violated Kik Terms And Conditions

Another reason why users cannot go live is if they have violated the Kik terms and conditions on a live stream. Before you go live, a dialog box shows the terms and conditions that users need to follow to ensure a safe live stream session.

So, if you violate these terms and conditions, Kik will ban you from going live on the app. This means you will not see the live feature on the Kik application. Moreover, Ki could even ban your account altogether for violating these terms. We have laid out the terms and conditions for further reference on this situation below.

  • Nudity Or Pornography Not Allowed
  • Hate Speech And Bullying Are Unaccepted
  • Illegal Activity
  • Going Live With Minors
  • No Streaming As An Underage User
  • False Identity

Sensitive Live Content

Any sensitive content cannot be streamed on live streams. As mentioned above, Kik has certain terms and conditions that cannot be violated. Overall, you need to focus on ensuring the live streams are a safe space for the viewers to come engage with.

Account Reports And Bans

Another issue that can cause problems in live streaming on Kik is reports and bans. If a user or multiple users report your live streams then Kik is likely to revoke your access to streaming on their application.

However, it is rare for Kik to only ban the live feature on your application but it is not impossible. If multiple users report your lives or if you violate the terms then this is likely to happen. But, in most cases, your entire account is likely to get banned if this happens.

Kik App Is Outdated

The go live feature on Kik is the newest update that Kik rolled out. Moreover, Kik is still working on creating a better live experience to its users and tests different features and updates on the live streams. So, first off, the live stream may not work with an outdated Kik application. You also need to remember that Kik live streams are in a testing phase and are changing constantly.

Corrupted Kik App

Next, the issue that can cause for the live stream feature to not work on your Kik application is when there are corrupted files in the application.

So, if you have your Kik application connected to any third party websites and applications then there might be corrupted files affecting the Kik app. Ensure that you either update the application or re-install it and log in to your Kik account again.

Kik App Is Crashing

Another reason why your live streams do not work on Kik is if the Kik application itself is crashing. There are many reasons why this happens but it also affects the live feature.

Sometimes, this can cause your live feature to disappear from the Kik page itself.

Ways To Fix Kik Live Stream Not Working

Now that we looked into the different reasons why your Kik live stream is down, here are ways in which you can fix this issue on Kik. Look further to know how each issue can be fixed.

Better Wifi Connection

The first thing you can do is to check your wifi connection. See if the wifi is working properly or not and if you have a weak connection then you can switch to mobile data too.

Always make sure that your live streams are from a place with a better internet connection or the lice stream will lag and create a bad environment for your users to interact with you.

Reload Live Stream

Next, you can always reload the live stream on Kik for better access of it’s features. Make sure your live stream loads entirely before you try to go live.

Let Live Load

Before, the live feature was available on the top right corner of the screen and now this has been shifted to the bottom of the screen. The recent update has also caused the live load time to increase. So, ensure that you allow for the live to fully load properly. If not, you can follow the direction above and reload the live stream till it works properly.

Restart Device

Sometimes, the issue with the live stream can be due to the application or your device as well. Restarting your device is a very effective way to ensure your application reboots properly.

So, just restart your device and go to the Kik application again and try to access the live feature and see if it works properly.

Force Shut Kik Application

The cache and corrupted files and cause for Kik tolag in general. This could be extended to the live streams and cause for them to lag as well. In this case, you can go to your device settings and go to the Kik application and force shut your Kik application. Then, go back to the Kik application and load it again and try to access the live feature then.

Clear Kik Cache

You can go to the settings of Kik and clear the Kik cache. This will ensure your Kik cache is cleared out and the Kik application can lag a bit once you’ve done this but it will be for the better use of the Kik application. Next, try to access the live feature on the Kik application again.

Follow Kik Terms And Conditions

Kik has a set of terms and conditions that it makes sure the users agree with even before going live on the Kik application. So, always make sure to follow the terms and conditions and not post any sensitive content on the live. If you do not follow the Kik live terms and conditions then you can get banned from using Kik indefinitely.

Log Back In To Kik

If the issue of the live stream persists then you can always log out of the application and log back in. In doing so, your Kik application will boot from the start again and it may cause the Kik live to work better.

Update Kik Application

The Kik live stream is a feature that was rolled out recently and is on the newest updates of the application. So, if a live stream does not work on your application then you need to update the Kik application. You can do this by going to the settings of your device and updating the already present application on your device.

Switch To Older Version Of Kik

You can download an apk version of the application which is only a couple versions older of the Kik application. So, there can be a chance that an older version of the Kik application with the live feature will work better. You can download older versions of the Kik app from uptodown or Androidapkfree.

How To Go Live On Kik

If you are a new user and trying to go live on the Kik application and are having trouble with this, then here is a guide on how to go live on Kik.

Step 1: Launch The Kik Application

First, you can launch the Kik application on your device by tapping on the application. On the login landing page, log in with your credentials. If you forget your login credentials then you can retrieve your account as well.

Step 2: Go To The Live Icon

The live icon on the Kik application is on the bottom right corner of the screen. The icon is similar to that of YouTube but in grey color.

Step 3: Tap On Go Live

On the live page, you will see other users’ live streams happening. There, on the bottom of the screen, you can tap on the Go Live button to start your live session.

Step 4: Accept Terms And Condition

Next, accept the terms and conditions for a live stream on Kik. This is a compulsory step when going live on Kik.

Step 5: Tap On The Got It

You can then tap on the Got It button.

Step 6 : Start Your Live

Finally, you can start your live session by adding a catchy description and title to the live. Tap on Start and you are ready to go live on Kik.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions on why is Kik live stream is not working are below.

Kik Messages Not Showing Up

You need to make sure your data saver is enabled for Kik and it is whitelisted to ensure you get Kik notifications and message pop ups. Other than this, you can enable this feature to get Kik messages.

Why Is Kik Stuck On Connecting

Kik can sometimes crash or lag due to in-app or external problems. If Kik is stuck on connecting then you can restart your device, check your internet connection and log out and log back into the Kik app.


In conclusion, Kik live streams not working is an issue that can arise due to multiple reasons. You can also fix these issues by working on different things that may have caused Kik live streams to disconnect. Learn the ways and start your live stream and enjoy your real time interactions with other Kik users.

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