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We offer a range of tailored solutions focused on GPS tracking and oversight that deliver increased control and 24/7 asset management for your business. Whatever the fleet, from tucks to school buses, our range of fleet management services leverage cutting-edge GPS technology for live tracking with data accessed through an easy to use interface.

Providing at-a-glance details of your asset location, including video surveillance with come products, you can enjoy increased driver accountability, improved route optimization, fuel management and more. Bring your asset monitoring into the 21st century with our technology. Whatever the scope, whatever the budget our bespoke solutions are built to meet your needs.

Do you want to increase your company’s competitiveness? Control your transportation fleet to reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.


  • Logistics non-compliance.
  • Bad driving habits.
  • Report of non-existent operating expenses.
  • Theft of transport units and merchandise.
  • Road accidents due to bad driving.
  • Inefficiency in maintenance control.
  • Lack of timely logistics monitoring.


85% of its segment suffers the same


With our transportation management platform in conjunction with satellite tracking, we have managed to help many similar companies, taking them by the hand to improve their competitiveness and are now a success story.

What does our solution consist of?

Our secret is to promptly attack the main problems that plague the industry, such as non-compliance with fleet logistics, operator misbehavior, insecurity and lack of management of its units.

How does GPS tracking replace your personal assistant?

For a modern company with its own fleet of vehicles, a GPS-monitoring system for vehicles installed on each car is the only effective way – it enables you to:

  • See the location of the vehicle on the map
  • Track its movement in real time
  • Control the mode and time of the engine during the work shift
  • Know the exact volume and number of refueling
  • Identify malfunctions in the operation of equipment before it breaks down
  • Receive notifications on the necessary parameters
  • Generate reports on fuel consumption, vehicle mileage and distance traveled

The essence of the system is that on each car a mobile module (tracker) is installed. It works in the GPS standard, receiving signals from navigation satellites and tracking vehicle coordinates.

Then all the information is transferred wirelessly to your devices: desktop computers, laptops, phones, smartphones. Both you and your employees see what is happening with the equipment.

The terminal also stores all the information on the server, so you can get data for the period you are interested in from the travel history.

With GCEC products and solutions, you:

  • Reduce fuel consumption by 15-30% due to accurate metering and prevention of discharge
  • Increase the efficiency of transport logistics and the work of the entire enterprise
  • Weed out dishonest employees and establish strict labor discipline
  • Prevent dangerous situations and protect vehicles and long-distance drivers

And unique GCEC designs save you even more …


You do not need to buy software, because our GPS trackers work on open protocols, and you can always change the operator if you wish. In this case, all purchased equipment remains with you.


You can immediately work with data on any devices and operating systems without special courses, because our program has a simple and intuitive interface.


Working with us, you get round-the-clock technical support and free visits of specialists to replace or repair equipment at our expense.

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