Our Solutions

GPS monitoring and real-time information Real-time GPS monitoring of car and fleet data can significantly increase the efficiency of your business. Currently, GPS monitoring and vehicle tracking software has become an integral part of all enterprises with their own fleet.

Track your location in real time.

Observe the location of your vehicles in real time and make the right decisions thanks to accurate, up-to-date data. Increase the efficiency of your enterprise.

Fuel level information will help in planning.

Monitoring fuel levels will help plan stopovers for refueling and optimize fleet management in general. Real-time data analysis, fuel consumption information and the ability to compare fleet cars based on this data directly on an interactive map will also contribute to the route planning and tasks process.

Data drivers at your service.

Information about the current time of drivers driving, mileage, rest periods and tachograph forecasts will help make the right decisions. The driver data will serve as a good addition and fit perfectly into the process of planning routes and tasks.

Act quickly, keep everything under control.

Unforeseen situations arise from time to time, and in such cases, it is important to quickly respond and adjust the plan. Interactive map and GPS monitoring will be extremely useful if you need to find a car nearby, the driver of which can help another driver who got off the route.

Is the device working properly?

GPS monitoring and obtaining operational information would not be possible without telematic devices, so we made sure that you can also monitor the status of installed devices and act quickly if something goes wrong and the device stops transmitting data or loses a signal.

Watch your current route and speed.

Check effortlessly which routes your drivers take, observe the speed of travel, and make sure that the trip is in safe mode, with all possible accuracy, according to plan and schedule.

What about the temperature?

Observe the temperature of the refrigerator or heating system, the battery level and other important information in time to determine if there are any errors or malfunctions that may appear on the way, eliminate them in time and save the company from possible losses. We offer the ideal solution for monitoring and transmitting data, as well as displaying it in our system.