Track your location
in real time.

Fuel level information
will help in planning.

Data drivers at
your service.

Act quickly,
keep everything
under control

Is the device
working properly?

Watch your current
route and speed.

What about the

Vehicle GPS

With Global I Track, GCEC have a complete vehicle tracking solution for individual or fleet needs. Using a bespoke app interface, you can accurately monitor your vehicle fleet 24/7, getting the live tracking and historic usage data that you need for effective oversight and security.

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Mobile DVR Solution

Global EYE Track provides the complete video monitoring solution for fleet management and live tracking. Use a single, simple interface with real time streaming if required, improving driver accountability and enabling additional security oversight of each vehicle.

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Car Sharing Solution

We provide a completely customizable Android and iOS app with bespoke branding for your business. Our car sharing solution allows complete management of the car sharing experience. From booking and unlocking to damage basement, every aspect of your car sharing service can be delivered through your own branded app.

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Management System

Monitor your work force in real time, assess your team and evaluate processes through historical data to improve efficiency, identify problem performance or processes, and develop solutions based on real-world performance. Deliver data electronically for efficiency and manage your team effectively.

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